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Episode 309 - Home

If you have Edward Sharpe stuck in your head now, you are welcome.

Episode 300 - Trivial Pursuit to Pluto

Here's to the next 300!

Episode 265 - Purple Day

A rare case of Stalin publically admitting he messed up...

Episode 260 - The October Manifesto

Check out the film "Battleship Potemkin" for free (legally) here:

Episode 246 - Barnum Brown

Barnum Brown was part of the "Bone Wars," an era in paleontology when dinosaur hunters were desperate to find the biggest, baddest, and best.

Episode 232 - Airmail

Sometimes, you gotta think small before you think big.

Episode 220 - The Elvish Revolution

There are classes in Elvish at Universities around the country.

Episode 219 - Tolkien’s Atlantis

What could I get famous for with that kidnapping dream?