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Episode 300 - Trivial Pursuit to Pluto

Here's to the next 300!

Episode 268 - Mommy

W.W.F.S.? (What Would Freud Say?)

Episode 265 - Purple Day

A rare case of Stalin publically admitting he messed up...

Episode 258 - Cole Porter

Another fun fact: "Kiss Me Kate," while being somewhat of an adaptation of Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew, is also based on the true story of some of Porter's theater colleagues.

Episode 256 - Kumar

Check out Achhut Kanya (with English subtitles) here:

Episode 241 - Trains Ran on Time

As my dad says, "Think of the logistics!"

Episode 218 - Language

Notice the preponderance of Scandanavian languages.

Episode 217 - Gollum

The pitifully detestable character.

Episode 216 - Rings

It is The Lord of the Rings, after all.

Episode 213 - Rhapsody in Blue

There are recordings available of Gershwin actually performing the song himself.