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Episode 160 - Disney World!

The first story is a series of tunnels that let Disney cast members go from point A to point B without being seen by visitors.

Episode 137 - Bra Burnin’ Babes

I wonder what the goat thought?

Episode 128 - Mister Rogers, Killing Machine

From kid's television to Hamburger Hill.

Episode 126 - Mister Rogers, The Music Man

A brief introduction to Mister Rogers' Universe.

Episode 123 - The Harbor of Rio De Janeiro and Brasilia

Two wonders in one city. Wow. That's pretty neat!

Episode 116 - The Sydney Opera House

P. Sherman's place is just down the street.

Episode 112 - Christ the Redeemer

I wonder if this Wonder is wonderworthy?

Episode 055 - Fremont

Welcome to the Center of the Universe.

Episode 051 - Chief Seattle’s Speech

Today, Chief Seattle's grave is across the street from a casino.