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Episode 290 - Trivial Pursuit

Another Canadian Contribution.

Episode 285 - Premier Politik

George Lucas was never satisfied with his films. He's made that much abundantly clear.

Episode 284 - Starkiller

"The Journal of the Whills" was another name for the film.

Episode 283 - Death of a Jedi

Check out this fun little take on the Obi-Wan Kenobi death scene:

Episode 282 - The Droids

That's why R2 and C-3PO are in every Star Wars film.

Episode 281 - The Unknowns

In honor of Episode VII

Episode 273 - Cell Phones

Today's episode was submitted by Branli in Everett, WA.

Episode 269 - Disney Recycles

Check out some of this re-used movie footage here:

Episode 267 - The Main Attraction

Someone once described the "It's A Small World" attraction as the "truest expression of Pop Art." I think you can look at the whole Disney World phenomenon in the same way.

Episode 249 - The Dino Poser

One of the most famous dinosaurs in history...never actually existed.