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Episode 300 - Trivial Pursuit to Pluto

Here's to the next 300!

Episode 290 - Trivial Pursuit

Another Canadian Contribution.

Episode 287 - Clue

The fantastic TV show Psych did an episode aping the Clue film.

Episode 234 - ZIP!

Check out for the complete "Swinging Six Zip Code" video.

Episode 185 - An Ash Haunting Part 2

Part 2 in the Ash Trilogy. We meet back up with Ash from, who shares with us another excellent ghost story!

Episode 164 - Stanislov Petrov

Submitted by Cristoph from Berlin.

Episode 162 - For Dummies

I may be a dummy, but I'm no idiot.

Episode 126 - Mister Rogers, The Music Man

A brief introduction to Mister Rogers' Universe.

Episode 113 - The Chunnel

If I had known, I would have invested heavily into British Map Companies.

Episode 105 - Stonehenge

I'll admit it, it's tough to say stuff about Stonehenge that hasn't already been said. But I'll try anyway.