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Episode 295 - Chief Seattle’s Speech to Mrs. America

Chief Seattle's name is spelled two different ways on his gravestone.

Episode 280 - The Island

The Sunrise Ceremony was presided over by one of Baden-Powell's grandchildren.

Episode 274 - The Saga of Pluto IV: The (dwarf) Planet Strikes Back

Today's episode came to us from Bryan in Renton.

Episode 271 - Airplane Bathrooms

Today's topic came from Ralph in Indianapolis. Submit your own topic to [email protected]!

Episode 270 - One Man’s Dream

Even history buffs can find something interesting at Disney World.

Episode 225 - Aquamarine

See the Smithsonian jewel here:

Episode 209 - The Dollar Redesign

Here's the website if you wanna check it out:

Episode 207 - The Zimbabwe Knockoff

As I write, there is a Zimbabwe $50,000,000,000,000.00 Bill for sale on Ebay for $0.47.

Episode 166 - Zombies vs. United States Government

Better than Plants vs. Zombies by a long shot. Submitted by Anthony from Neshkora, WI

Episode 162 - For Dummies

I may be a dummy, but I'm no idiot.