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Episode 317 - Sharkara

Sugar Cane was one of the five mystical substances believed to be demanded by the Gods.

Episode 304 - Familius Draconus

The Chinese cultural yearn for order was reflected in this hierarchy.

Episode 298 - Owney to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon

The Summer of Wonders lives again!

Episode 263 - Thorsday, Thorsday

I wonder if Tom Hiddleston is jealous...

Episode 238 - From Here to Timbuktu

Seriously, I didn't realize it was a real place for a long time! Why do I keep admitting that?

Episode 205 - The Phantom Time

Maybe I should try this math error thing. Maybe I'd get published, too.

Episode 159 - St. Jerome and the Lions of the New York Public Library

I'm looking forward to my St. Jerome feast dinner tonight.

Tập 159 - Thanh Jerome

Toi rat hao huc mong cho den bua tiec St. Jerome cua toi toi nay!

Eposido 159 - San Jerome y los leones

¡Estoy muy excitado para la cena de San Jerome esta noche!