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Episode 319 - The Desolation of Sugar

Rum, made from a byproduct of sugar cane, was a big part of early American trade.

Episode 315 - A History of Time Zones

You don't know how much I wanted to call this one "Chester A. Arthur Did Something Important When He Was President." But I held back.

Episode 291 - Noah Webster to Timbuktu

Slave or not, Anthony Johnson was still forced from his home.

Episode 281 - The Unknowns

In honor of Episode VII

Episode 279 - The Mafeking

Africaans has some pretty awesome words.

Episode 278 - The Boer

Notice this is spelled "Boer." Not "Boar." From what it sounds like, though, nothing was very boring!

Episode 277 - The Scout

On Baden-Powell's grave is the Scout's mark for "Gone Home."

Episode 240 - Salt in the Wound

The "giant fish" I talked about in last week's preview references a story that the Songhai told about a giant fish that wrecked their lands until a warrior from outside the country came in and killed it. I couldn't fit it in to the episodes anywhere this week.

Episode 239 - Askia the Great

35 years is a long time for someone to rule!