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Episode 143 - The Key

'cause his name is Francis Scott Key. Get it?

Episode 142 - The Flag

Perkins also has big ones.

Episode 095 - Noah Webster

The Man Who Created American English.

Episode 076 - The Whites of Their Eyes

A pretty stupid idea when you think about it.

Episode 075 - Molly Pitcher

Out of many, one.

Episode 074 - Valley Forge

The true story of the winter at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

Episode 073 - Benedict Arnold

Good guys. Bad guys. You know I've had my share.

Episode 072 - A Lost Clause

Hindsight is 20/20. In this case, even hindsight doesn't help.

Episode 071 - July 4th, 1776

What actually happened on that day?

Episode 070 - Thomas Paine

Common Sense? Or just a Paine in the rear?