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Episode 313 - Year of the Chinese New Year

Next year will be the Year of the Sheep. Don't tell conspiracy theorists.

Episode 302 - Marduk

Tiamat was a major feature of a "Dungeons and Dragons" expansion. With apologies to Peter Jackson...

Episode 299 - T-Rex to Frozen

Danny Kaye will never get old.

Episode 275 - Europa

Today's topic of Mythic proportions comes to us from Angela in Connecticut. Send in your own ideas to [email protected].

Episode 272 - Munk

Today's topic was submitted by Vanessa in Tallahassee, FL. Get your own idea on the show by emailing [email protected]

Episode 250 - Dino Dating

No, it doesn't involve a trip to Olive Garden.

Episode 249 - The Dino Poser

One of the most famous dinosaurs in history...never actually existed.

Episode 248 - Sue

How's THAT for Disney Trivia, Lou Mongello? And who would have known that Dinosaurs would be so expensive?

Episode 204 - The Monkey Conspiracy

Worse things have been done for money.