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Tập 159 - Thanh Jerome

Toi rat hao huc mong cho den bua tiec St. Jerome cua toi toi nay!

Episode 157 - Go, Confucius!

By comparison, the longest game of Chess lasted only about 24 hours.

Episode 153 - The Last Ride of Zhuge Liang

Gullible folks, weren't they?

Special Episode - Nirvana

Smells like reincarnating spirit.

Episode 147 - The Han Dynasty

200 BC. The year the Han was solo in ruling China. See what I did there?

Episode 119 - Mt. Everest

Because it's there.

Episode 110 - The Hagia Sophia

I could make a joke about Union labor, but people don't seem to be able to poke fun at themselves anymore.