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Episode 261 - So Teach Us To Number Our Days

I feel like the title for this episode is long and obscure enough to be considered a possible "Star Trek" episode title.

Episode 224 - Amethyst

Easily the toughest birthstone to spell. After Turquoise.

Episode 221 - Birthstones

Hope it was worth the wait...

Episode 205 - The Phantom Time

Maybe I should try this math error thing. Maybe I'd get published, too.

Episode 133 - This Flat Earth

Erdapfl is possibly the greatest word ever.

Episode 125 - The Northern Lights

Who'se ready for some campfire stories?

Episode 105 - Stonehenge

I'll admit it, it's tough to say stuff about Stonehenge that hasn't already been said. But I'll try anyway.

Episode 055 - Fremont

Welcome to the Center of the Universe.

Episode 039 - Dark Matter

WIMPs fill the skies! Thanks to Drew for the topic suggestion.

Episode 037 - Buying a Star

Check out the IAU website on the topic: Thanks to John for the topic!