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Episode 287 - Clue

The fantastic TV show Psych did an episode aping the Clue film.

Episode 285 - Premier Politik

George Lucas was never satisfied with his films. He's made that much abundantly clear.

Episode 268 - Mommy

W.W.F.S.? (What Would Freud Say?)

Episode 245 - Ceasar Salad

Oh, too many puns...

Episode 183 - The Haunting of Waukesha County

Reverend Breck performed the first Episcopal communion in La Crosse.

Episode 160 - Disney World!

The first story is a series of tunnels that let Disney cast members go from point A to point B without being seen by visitors.

Episode 069 - California

The final day of Dumb Law week. We'll be doing normal trivia episodes again starting tomorrow.

Episode 034 - Motion Simulators