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Episode 290 - Trivial Pursuit

Another Canadian Contribution.

Episode 288 - Yahtzee!

Easy to say...hard to spell.

Episode 272 - Munk

Today's topic was submitted by Vanessa in Tallahassee, FL. Get your own idea on the show by emailing [email protected]

Episode 208 - Sky Gold

Sounds like a premise for a sci-fi movie.

Episode 163 - Muzac

Submitted by Arnold in Toronto, Canada.

Episode 125 - The Northern Lights

Who'se ready for some campfire stories?

Episode 114 - The CN Tower

It's not for the dead...

Episode 089 - And Bears

It's unstopable now!

Episode 054 - On Romance and Colleges and World’s Fairs

I'm serious. This is a love story set in Seattle. Not on a houseboat, though. And nobody was sleepless.