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Episode 319 - The Desolation of Sugar

Rum, made from a byproduct of sugar cane, was a big part of early American trade.

Episode 311 - The Mayans

I don't mind the Mayans. Their calendar, on the other hand...

Episode 293 - Turquoise to Esperanto

"Turquoise" in Esperanto is "Turkiso."

Episode 182 - The Chase Family Vault

It's not sure if this actually happened. Newspapers in Barbados at the time have no record of it. But still, it's fun to imagine...

Episode 167 - Amerigo Vespucci

Submitted by Zach from Silverdale, WA.

Eposido 159 - San Jerome y los leones

¡Estoy muy excitado para la cena de San Jerome esta noche!

Episode 133 - This Flat Earth

Erdapfl is possibly the greatest word ever.

Episode 118 - The Panama Canal

I don't know if you can tell by listening, but I like to try out my Spanish accent. Even if it is a bit Argentine.