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Episode 313 - Year of the Chinese New Year

Next year will be the Year of the Sheep. Don't tell conspiracy theorists.

Episode 304 - Familius Draconus

The Chinese cultural yearn for order was reflected in this hierarchy.

Episode 259 - Wu Zetian

A true rags to riches story.

Episode 229 - Mulan

Let's get down to business!!

Episode 189 - Florence to Zhuge

Counting down to 200 episodes!

Episode 157 - Go, Confucius!

By comparison, the longest game of Chess lasted only about 24 hours.

Episode 153 - The Last Ride of Zhuge Liang

Gullible folks, weren't they?

Special Episode - Nirvana

Smells like reincarnating spirit.

Episode 152 - The Battle of Red Cliffs, Part II

Threaten a guy with death and anything is possible.