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Episode 296 - Congress to Aunt Phillis’ Cabin

I find the existence of Aunt Phillis' Cabin to be absolutely fascinating. One of the most interesting facts in the whole 300 episodes, in my opinion.

Episode 286 - The Game of Life

Definitely the oldest of the games we're looking at this week! Super shoutout to the awesome "Flip the Table" podcast for the inside inside inside joke.

Episode 233 - The Penny Post

The "Penny Post" has evolved into the "49-Penny Post," but, heck, that's pretty good.

Episode 211 - Aunt Phillis’s Cabin

A little obvious in the titles, I think.

Episode 179 - Out of Strife

Blackface is still practiced in some European countries.

Episode 139 - The Direction of Your Dreams

A thorough look at Thoreau.

Episode 072 - A Lost Clause

Hindsight is 20/20. In this case, even hindsight doesn't help.

Episode 038 - The First Lincoln Assasination

Thanks to Jenna for the topic suggestion! Promo at the end for Check them out if you play EVE!

Episode 027 - Buffalo Bill

Meet the guy who created Cowboys and Indians.