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Episode 101 - The Mausoleum of Mausolus

Tough to say. Tougher to spell.

Episode 097 - The Bard

The most misquoted man of all time.

Episode 095 - Noah Webster

The Man Who Created American English.

Episode 094 - Esperanto

It's not just for hippies...

Episode 093 - The Ultimate Word

Buffalo. Buffalo buffalo. Buffalo buffalo buffalo...

Episode 082 - The Relics of Death

Today is the end of an era: the release of the last Harry Potter movie.

Episode 036 - Pop Vs. Soda

Check out for the map! Thanks to Flannagen for the topic idea.

Episode 030 - What’s in a Name?

Where did the name Roller Coaster come from, anyway?

Episode 008 - Word Attack I

Apricity, Ninja, and Sciolism.