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Episode 319 - The Desolation of Sugar

Rum, made from a byproduct of sugar cane, was a big part of early American trade.

Episode 318 - Champagne

Some Europeans believed that Spices came from the border of the Garden of Eden.

Episode 314 - New Year’s Day

"What are you doing New Year's Day" wasn't as catchy.

Episode 292 - Grindelwand to Tinchebray

Seriously, Tomorrow Never Dies is one of my favorite of the Brosnan Bonds.

Episode 264 - The Decadi

The whole "10 day" thing worked well with the big Revolutionary push to make the Metric System universal in French life.

Episode 258 - Cole Porter

Another fun fact: "Kiss Me Kate," while being somewhat of an adaptation of Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew, is also based on the true story of some of Porter's theater colleagues.

Episode 255 - Joan vs. Joan

Check out the role Joan played in World War I:

Episode 254 - Joan v. The Pig

I sure wish I had Joan's sense of humor...

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Episode 253 - The Prophecy

Is it obvious yet that I really enjoy making this show? If not, then 3:12 today should pretty much prove it...

Episode 252 - Dress Code

Joan sets fashion trends 600 years later.