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Episode 251 - Trampled Fleur

My show seems to have a high count of stories lately about cross-dressing female warriors.

Episode 244 - John Hancock

Heck, his signature was so big that his name became synonymous with notarization.

Episode 232 - Airmail

Sometimes, you gotta think small before you think big.

Episode 228 - Beauty and the Beast

The classic story of feminist oppression...

Episode 135 - Let Them Eat Cake

The Let Them Eat Cake Is A Lie.

Episode 113 - The Chunnel

If I had known, I would have invested heavily into British Map Companies.

Episode 070 - Thomas Paine

Common Sense? Or just a Paine in the rear?

Episode 046 - Operation Titanic

AKA How to use pyrotechnics and sound effects to distract your enemy.

Episode 045 - Operation Glimmer

AKA How to use radar to create an imaginary army.