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Episode 299 - T-Rex to Frozen

Danny Kaye will never get old.

Episode 297 - The Haymarket Affair to the Hawaii Overprint

You never know just how a work of art will be interpreted.

Episode 293 - Turquoise to Esperanto

"Turquoise" in Esperanto is "Turkiso."

Episode 292 - Grindelwand to Tinchebray

Seriously, Tomorrow Never Dies is one of my favorite of the Brosnan Bonds.

Episode 284 - Starkiller

"The Journal of the Whills" was another name for the film.

Episode 280 - The Island

The Sunrise Ceremony was presided over by one of Baden-Powell's grandchildren.

Episode 279 - The Mafeking

Africaans has some pretty awesome words.

Episode 278 - The Boer

Notice this is spelled "Boer." Not "Boar." From what it sounds like, though, nothing was very boring!

Episode 269 - Disney Recycles

Check out some of this re-used movie footage here:

Episode 268 - Mommy

W.W.F.S.? (What Would Freud Say?)