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Episode 211 - Aunt Phillis’s Cabin

A little obvious in the titles, I think.

Episode 210 - The Rai Stone

The ancient's version of the credit card.

Episode 209 - The Dollar Redesign

Here's the website if you wanna check it out:

Episode 208 - Sky Gold

Sounds like a premise for a sci-fi movie.

Episode 205 - The Phantom Time

Maybe I should try this math error thing. Maybe I'd get published, too.

Episode 204 - The Monkey Conspiracy

Worse things have been done for money.

Episode 202 - The Real National Treasure

Maybe it'll be the basis of the Third movie.

Episode 185 - An Ash Haunting Part 2

Part 2 in the Ash Trilogy. We meet back up with Ash from, who shares with us another excellent ghost story!

Episode 184 - An Ash Haunting Part 1

Today we're joined by Ash from, who shares a chilling family ghost story. Enjoy!

Episode 183 - The Haunting of Waukesha County

Reverend Breck performed the first Episcopal communion in La Crosse.