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Episode 315 - A History of Time Zones

You don't know how much I wanted to call this one "Chester A. Arthur Did Something Important When He Was President." But I held back.

Episode 312 - Stonehenge Revisited

A truly eerie stone circle can be found waaaay up in Scotland. Check it out:

Episode 311 - The Mayans

I don't mind the Mayans. Their calendar, on the other hand...

Episode 300 - Trivial Pursuit to Pluto

Here's to the next 300!

Episode 299 - T-Rex to Frozen

Danny Kaye will never get old.

Episode 285 - Premier Politik

George Lucas was never satisfied with his films. He's made that much abundantly clear.

Episode 274 - The Saga of Pluto IV: The (dwarf) Planet Strikes Back

Today's episode came to us from Bryan in Renton.

Episode 273 - Cell Phones

Today's episode was submitted by Branli in Everett, WA.

Episode 271 - Airplane Bathrooms

Today's topic came from Ralph in Indianapolis. Submit your own topic to [email protected]!