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Episode 270 - One Man’s Dream

Even history buffs can find something interesting at Disney World.

Episode 269 - Disney Recycles

Check out some of this re-used movie footage here:

Episode 268 - Mommy

W.W.F.S.? (What Would Freud Say?)

Episode 267 - The Main Attraction

Someone once described the "It's A Small World" attraction as the "truest expression of Pop Art." I think you can look at the whole Disney World phenomenon in the same way.

Episode 262 - Working for the Weekend

But are you Takin' Care of Business?

Episode 261 - So Teach Us To Number Our Days

I feel like the title for this episode is long and obscure enough to be considered a possible "Star Trek" episode title.

Episode 257 - The Day That Doesn’t Exist

Get our your math brains, folks!

Episode 234 - ZIP!

Check out for the complete "Swinging Six Zip Code" video.

Episode 232 - Airmail

Sometimes, you gotta think small before you think big.

Episode 205 - The Phantom Time

Maybe I should try this math error thing. Maybe I'd get published, too.