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Episode 295 - Chief Seattle’s Speech to Mrs. America

Chief Seattle's name is spelled two different ways on his gravestone.

Episode 294 - Mr. Rogers to Titus Andronicus

I'll be honest, I had completely forgotten about Titus Andronicus. That's why I wanted to revisit some old topics this week!

Episode 291 - Noah Webster to Timbuktu

Slave or not, Anthony Johnson was still forced from his home.

Episode 290 - Trivial Pursuit

Another Canadian Contribution.

Episode 289 - Monopoly

Many people dislike Monopoly, but many people don't actually play according to the rules.

Episode 288 - Yahtzee!

Easy to say...hard to spell.

Episode 287 - Clue

The fantastic TV show Psych did an episode aping the Clue film.

Episode 286 - The Game of Life

Definitely the oldest of the games we're looking at this week! Super shoutout to the awesome "Flip the Table" podcast for the inside inside inside joke.

Episode 285 - Premier Politik

George Lucas was never satisfied with his films. He's made that much abundantly clear.

Episode 280 - The Island

The Sunrise Ceremony was presided over by one of Baden-Powell's grandchildren.