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Episode 299 - T-Rex to Frozen

Danny Kaye will never get old.

Episode 136 - Dr. Bath

Ouch. Stinging Social Commentary.

Episode 122 - Mt. Paricutin

Or maybe what seeds he was using instead...

Episode 121 - The Grand Canyon

I don't know if you can tell, but I was feeling a little silly while making this one.

Episode 027 - Buffalo Bill

Meet the guy who created Cowboys and Indians.

Episode 024 - Emperor of the United States

And you thought "Nation of Celestial Space" guy was crazy? Special thanks to listener Flannigan for the suggestion.

Episode 023 - Barbed Wire

How the west was REALLY won.

Episode 022 - The Mystical Land of Oz

Wizard of Oz? WiZARD of OZ? ZARDOZ!