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April 19, 2011

 About the Host

Sean Mobley discovered history at a young age. Raised moving across the US by a mother who studied International Relations and a father who studied History, there really wasn't much choice. Luckily, he cottoned on to visiting historic sites and, like cotton, absorbed all sorts of random facts.

Sean currently works as a community organizer and activist for the Boy Scouts of America and is a strong advocate for using Outdoor Adventure as a way to expose youth to the wonders of the world around them. Learn more about Scouting in your area at

 About the Show

What happens to someone who has absorbed all sorts of random facts is that he or she feels the need to spurt out these facts, often at inappropriate moment. The Daily Brainwave was created to give the host, Sean, an appropriate moment once a day, every day. 1,000,000 downloads, several awards, and a handful of TV appearances later, and the Daily Brainwave is still going strong.

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