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July 23, 2014

A running bibliography of documents, books, websites, films, and more used to gather the information presented in the Daily Brainwave podcast. Go beyond "trivia" by investigating some of these sources for yourself!

If you feel a source has been omitted or not given proper due, or you have a suggestion for a new source or podcast topic, contact us at [email protected].

Dark Disney Tale Week

Swain, V. E. (2005). Beauty's chambers: Mixed styles and mixed messages in villeneuve's beauty and the beast. Marvels & Tales, 19(2), 197-223,357.

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Twistory Week II: Electric Boogaloo

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Songhai Week

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Mail Week


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Dinosaur Week

Paul, G. G. (2010). The Princeton Field Guide to Dinosaurs. New Jersey: Princeton University Press.

Joan of Arc Week

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